Yohimbine Benefits and Risks

Yohimbine, an herbal aphrodisiac, is praised by a lot of professionals for its popularity and effectivity. However, not everyone is compatible with this herbal supplement.

Yohimbine Benefits

Being extracted from natural sources is an important factor to consider when choosing your dietary supplements. Are you aware of a certain dietary supplement that came from the bark of a tree called the African evergreen tree? Well if you don’t, it’s about time to be aware of the dietary supplement called yohimbine.

Yohimbine: A Natural Dietary Supplement

First off, yohimbine is derived from the so-called Yohimbe bark, and it is sometimes referred to as simply Yohimbe; where it was originally derived from. The first time it was made, it was in the form of an herbal supplement that is said to be used for anti-aging purposes. Also, it is known to be a great and natural aphrodisiac that can be used by people who are having problems with their sexual drive and libido. Throughout the existence of Yohimbe, it was widely used in the western part of Africa where it was originally cultivated.

For the people of Western Africa, the Yohimbe is very important as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a person is incapable of either getting or maintaining an erection and is experiencing trouble in boosting their sexual drive because they lack the desire to have sex. Treatment like these are called aphrodisiac or love drugs.

Out of all the aphrodisiacs that are used for treating erectile dysfunction, the yohimbine is the only one that is known to be purely made from natural ingredients. Therefore, it has been hailed as an herbal viagra. The use of yohimbine for increasing an individual’s libido has already established its reputation throughout the world, in fact, people still continue patronizing the use of the dietary supplement for their personal needs.

Though this supplement is more known for being an aphrodisiac, it is currently studied by researchers and specialists since they can see its potential benefits for other health conditions like diabetes, hypotension, depression, and even removing the overused amounts of medication in the body system.

The way yohimbine works in the body is by being an alpha-2 antagonist or alpha-2 blocker. By blocking the alpha-2 receptors that are present in the brain stem, the alpha-2 blocker begins to meddle with the sympathetic nervous system of the body. Thus, the activity of the sympathetic nervous system is adjusted by the receptor as it begins to increase the released amounts of adrenaline and norepinephrine. There are actually a lot of alpha-2 agonist medications that can be used by the body and almost all of them are similar in their functions. The main purpose of these agonists is to give the central nervous system an altered reaction to the release of neurotransmitters can be changed and they make the blood vessels become enlarged. Due to this change in reaction of the nervous system, the person will experience a rise in their alertness and improved circulation and physiological processes in the body.

For some reason, the use of the supplement as a treatment for other health conditions is already practiced nowadays. This is because of the supposed health benefits of yohimbine, which researchers say are somehow providing promising results.

Benefits of Yohimbine

As far as yohimbine is used, other health conditions can also benefit from it. Get to know why a lot of people are so into the supplement that it became really popular all around the world.

The herbal supplement may be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

When talking about yohimbine, it will first be associate with erectile dysfunction and other sexual impotence. The reputation of the supplement as an aphrodisiac has already been acknowledged by everyone, even by the researchers who have worked on or are planning to work on studying the supplement.

The researchers who have already studied yohimbine said that the reason why it may be the best natural aphrodisiac to exist is because of its ability to improve the blood flow in the male and female sexual organs. Also, it is said that the way the supplement affects the nervous system is also responsible for the increase in nerve impulses that are connected to the orgasm or sexual pleasure which is the normal reaction of the body after sex. As a person experiences orgasm, that means the sex was pleasurable and that there was no sexual problem such as erectile dysfunction.

It may be used to treat issues with blood pressure.

Thanks to the supplement’s connection to the nervous system and blood circulation, it was tried as a treatment for irregular blood pressure levels. And since it is described as an alpha-2 antagonist, the sympathetic nervous system is enhanced and the blood pressure of the person goes to back its normal level. Thus, they use yohimbine for cases of hypotension or low blood pressure. This means that the supplement should only be used for cases of low blood pressure, or else there will be problems; especially for those who already have cardiovascular problems and are often experiencing high blood pressure.

Yohimbine may improve physical performance and promote weight loss.

According to studies, the supplement has fat-burning properties making it a weight loss option for athletes or for those who just want to lose weight. Also, there are a few researchers who believe in the supplement’s capability to improve the body’s muscle mass and provide additional endurance while the extra body fats are burned and lost; this claim is not yet completely proved though. The way the stimulant acts as a stimulant and by giving the body additional adrenaline levels, it is somehow seen with its potential as an energy provider for better physical performance.

Risks of Yohimbine

Unfortunately, it was proven that yohimbine is not always good for the body. It can result in some kinds of side effects when misused, specifically when used too much.

Based on observations on people who used the supplement, those who have a history of mental illness are more prone to experiencing symptoms like headaches and dizziness with some cases of anxiety and nervousness. However true this is, there is still a big possibility that even people without a history of mental illness may encounter side effects while using yohimbine.

Another thing, it is not advised that yohimbine be used at the same time with other medications. If you plan to use the supplement, ask your doctor first; since it can result in more dangerous diseases that may affect the health of the heart and kidneys.

Yohimbine Benefits

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