When To Take Alpha Amino Bodybuilding Supplement

Do you know when to take Alpha Amino bodybuilding supplements? These supplements include EAA and BCAA amino acids. They can boost energy and help with sore muscles.

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Are you considering amino acid supplements? When picking amino acid supplements you should know different facts. They include when to take Alpha Amino bodybuilding. There are many pre/intra/post supplements on the market. It’s critical to know how to pick the best ones for your needs. This includes issues like when to take an amino supplement and how to take it. This can help to optimize the results. For example, some supplements are designed as pre-workout supplements that boost energy. Others are designed to help with recovery after experiencing sore muscles.

Amino acid supplements can help bodybuilders in various ways. The most common use is likely as a pre-workout supplement. This could be a tablet/capsule, protein smoothie/shake, or even liquid aminos. However, you can also use supplements during and after workouts. Intra-workout aminos can help with goals like delaying fatigue, while post-workout supplements can help with sore muscles. Timing is everything when picking a supplement so it’s critical to consider when you’ll be using it. This can affect which aminos you should look for. For example, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are mostly used for either pre/post-workout supplements.

Fun Fact: The dietary supplement industry is worth $30 billion in the USA alone.

What Are Alpha Amino Bodybuilding Supplements?

The manufacturer Cellucor is a sports nutrition brand that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas (USA). It was founded nearly two decades ago in 2002. The company has become famous for its brand of pre-workout supplements C4. The company has sold 2+ billion servings of C4 products.

This supplement features different kinds of amino acids including essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). EAAs includes 9 amino acids that people must get from food/supplements. This differs from non-essential amino acids (NEAAs).

Food is always the best source of EAAs. However, you can also get them from dietary supplements. This is an effective way to boost your intake since you can just bring a bottle of tablets or canister of protein powder with you to the gym, for example.

Then there’s BCAAs, which make up one-third of the EAAS. These supplements have been trending in recent years. They can provide several benefits for bodybuilders. They include pre-workout and post-workout supplements. For example, if you want an energy boost before workouts or muscle recovery after workouts then BCAAs are a good option.

Alpha Amino has 14 amino acids. That’s about three-quarters of all amino acids in the human body. It can help to make sure you’re getting all the amino acids you need during the day. You’ll also get some NEAAs.

Besides amino acids, Alpha Amino also contains other nutrients that can improve workouts. They include electrolytes, which must be replenished after workouts along with fluids and carbs. It’s important to boost electrolytes after workouts.

Like other amino acid supplements, Alpha Amino is available in various flavors. This allows you to try out different flavors so you can find one that best suits you. Another plus is the product is sugar-free. So you won’t have to worry about issues like blood sugar spikes added calories/carbs and also tooth decay.

When to Take Alpha Amino Bodybuilding Supplements

One of the main issues to consider when taking dietary supplements is when to take them. Some of the main options include before, during, or after workouts. If you’re taking this Cellucor supplement then it’s also an important issue to take up.

This product contains BCAAs, which are mostly used as pre/post-workout supplements. However, this particular supplement is designed for workout recovery. After a workout, it’s critical to restore the fluids, carbs, and electrolytes that you lost during the workout session.

Alpha Amino is an ideal option for post-workout supplement bodybuilders can benefit from. There are various reasons. One of the main ones is it contains about two-thirds of all amino acids in the human body. This includes both EAAs/NEAAs, which are both important for workout recovery.

This product is ideal because it can help with different issues. For example, since it’s in a powder form you’ll have to add it to water, juices, shakes, smoothies, etc. This turns those drinks or beverages into a post-workout drink. This is a convenient form since you’ll want to rehydrate after workouts. You can do that with this product. It’s easy to add it to different drinks/beverages. This makes it easy to add fluids back.

Alpha Amino also provides the user with electrolytes. This includes different minerals like sodium. They’re lost during workouts through sweat and must be replenished post-workout so you can refuel and start the recovery process before your next workout.

The amino acids in this supplement can also help with workout recovery. You can build lean muscle mass by adding protein/aminos to your diet after workouts. This is part of the “tear & repair” process that happens several times to build lean muscle mass. After workouts, the muscle tissues’ tiny tears need to mend so muscles can grow.

Key Features to look for in Post-workout Supplements


This is another key factor. For example, the main options include tablets, capsules, and powders. You can get stronger formulas from tablets while capsules absorb into the bloodstream faster. If you want to add more nutrients to the supplement then consider a powder form. This allows you to add the supplement to foods/drinks like shakes, oatmeal, and soups.


This is another important issue to take up. For example, Cellucor has been on the market for almost 20 years. This generally makes it a better option versus startups.


After workouts, it’s important to replenish your body with fluids, carbs, and electrolytes. So it’s critical to look for a supplement with a good amount of all of them. That will help to boost your energy levels and speed up the recovery process.

If the product is an amino acid supplement it’s critical to check the actual aminos that are included. For example, it’s ideal for the product to include BCAAs in particular. However, there are other EAAs and NEAAs that can help with workout recovery. So make sure to consider which aminos are included in the supplement and how much of each.


If you pick a supplement with many additives this can cause problems. For example, it’s important to watch out for white sugar and artificial colors/flavors/preservatives. This can cause health issues that reduce the overall health/nutritional value of a dietary supplement. Sugar alone can cause issues like inflammation, blood sugar spikes, and the risk of type-2 diabetes.


It’s critical to consider the number of serving a supplement has. It’s ideal to look for 30+. This allows the product to last for up to a month if you take the supplement once a day. Meanwhile, if there are fewer servings then it means you’ll spend more money after learning when to take Alpha Amino bodybuilding.

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