What Types of Protein Should I Eat

As a guide for all of us, here is a quick roundup of the different types of protein sources.

Types of Protein to Eat

There are a lot of diet plans that are becoming popular and trendy nowadays. There was the keto diet at first and then came the Atkins Diet. Soon enough, in just a blink of the eye, there came the Paleo diet. All of these have been mostly focused on increasing the protein content in our daily diet. This is because there has been a growing population of people who are aiming to lose weight in the fast time and focusing on protein-rich foods is what they think is the best option to go with. However, the question at hand is that, should we really be including that much of protein to our daily diet.

Yale University Prevention Research Center medical expert David Katz agrees that the launch and popularity of high protein diet is just a trend just as the ones we had in the 1980s and the early 2000s in which people became focused on eating low-fat and low-carbohydrate meals. Katz adds that people should put an end to this trend and instead of boosting the macronutrients in our diet. What should be done is to have a combination of healthy foods on their plate to get all the nutrients that they need.

Aside from having foods with different health benefits in your daily diet, it is also good to know what types of protein to eat or the most suited for you to ensure that you are in the right path for your fitness aim. This claim is due to the fact that somebody types react best to having more protein while the others lose more weight if they have lesser protein. As a guide to all of us, here is a quick roundup of different kinds of people who will benefit from having high protein diet as well as the various types of protein to eat.

Who Should Go for High Protein Diet?

It is a common knowledge that protein is the best source of energy. So, with that being said, it just follows that those who need a lot of energy in their daily lives need foods with high protein content. A perfect example of this is the bodybuilders as they regularly do endurance exercises and resistance training. To fuel the energy needed for building and strengthening muscles, foods with high amino acids content are really helpful.

In addition to bodybuilders, those who want to gain weight should also go for high protein diet. According to experts, those who want to boost their satiety should opt foods that have high protein sources. These include legumes, lentils, peas, chickpeas and beans.

Lastly, middle age people are highly recommended to eat a lot of protein rich foods. Again, this boils down to our body’s needs to build muscles as muscle loss is very evident to people age 50 and above. Having high protein diet will put these people safe from having sacropenia.

What Are the Different Types of Protein to Eat?

We all need around 22 different amino acids to survive the day. Most of these are produced by our body to fuel the energy it needs, while the remaining can be obtained from foods. However, the amount and types of protein vary from the foods that we eat. Some protein-rich foods have complete proteins while the others have incomplete proteins. Some foods are also considered to be vegetarian and vegan proteins and the rest have protein powders.

Complete Proteins

Complete proteins are those that even in small amount can provide all the proteins that we need in a day. Dairy, eggs, fish and lean meats fall into this category. According to a lot of medical experts, just by having three servings of the foods will supply the daily recommended protein intake. For those who are not eating meats, then you can always go for quinoa, tofu, soy milk and tempeh as these are the healthy and high protein alternatives.

Incomplete Proteins

Another type of protein to eat is the incomplete proteins. Unlike the first one, incomplete proteins are foods with lesser protein content such as legumes, seeds, nuts and beans. Although their protein content are not that high as compared to lean meats, when combined on a plate, they will complement and provide the amino acids that our body needs.

Vegan and Vegetarian Proteins

For people who are considered to be vegetarians and vegans, there are some foods that they should not forget adding to their plate. Vegetarians can always add eggs and dairy products to their daily food intake as these are good sources of protein. On the other hand, vegans need an intensive meal planning. One good example of this meal planning is having almonds, lentils and quinoa in their dish to ensure that they have enough protein in their body.

Protein Powders

Aside from the above mentioned proteins, it is also good to know that protein powders are also available at the local market. This is for the purpose of booting our daily protein intake. Protein powders are derived from those that are considered to be complete and incomplete sources of protein such as whey and soy.

Other good sources of these powders are rice and peas which are also scientifically proven to have the essential amino acids to supply our daily needed energy. These are very popular to athletes and those who are aiming to enhance their body shape as they can be added or sprinkled to their meal and presto they will get the protein amount that they need.

What Are the Healthiest Protein Food Sources to Have?

If you are among those who lack the protein in the food that they have, then below is the list of foods with great protein content that you can always try together with the amount of protein that we can obtain from these sources.

  • Eggs – six grams for each piece
  • Cottage cheese – 25 grams for each cup
  • Breast part of chicken – 30 grams for each breast
  • Whole grains – at least six grams for each cup
  • Salmon – 25 grams for three ounces
  • Legumes – eight grams for every cup
  • Greek yogurt – 17 grams for every serving

Types of Protein to Eat

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