Top Branched-Chain Amino Acids For Women

As a woman, BCAA can give your body a better tone, more muscular strength, and increase your endurance. Let’s take a closer look at the top branched-chain amino acids.

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People commonly refer to branched-chain aminos as BCAAs. These aminos are great for improving post-exercise recovery, especially after tough training sessions. They may even help with weight loss too. Looking at all of these qualities, it is understandable why women find BCAAs especially attractive. But then, many women are not taking them because they think only bodybuilders need BCAAs. This is far from the truth. Everyone can benefit from top branched-chain amino acids. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bodybuilder or not. As a woman, BCAA supplements can give your body a better tone, more muscular strength, and increase your endurance. What’s more, BCAAs can also boost your immune system functions. That is why we have taken a close look at the top branched-chain amino acids brands.

There are 3 BCAAs. These 3 are a part of the 9 essential aminos. Like all amino acids, they are also building blocks that your body needs to maintain its proper structure. We all know that body structure is very important to women. More so, if you are a physically active person, you will need more BCAAs than other women who are sedentary. Aside from that, BCAA supplements also play vital roles in regulating core biochemical processes in your body. Such processes include insulin regulation. Insulin regulation is how BCAAs may facilitate weight loss.

Top Branched-Chain Amino Acids for Women

1. Performance-Lab SPORT BCAA

This product is what some experts dub as “no-nonsense”. It is a perfect example of a pure, effective, and high-quality BCAA. The producers make this supplement from fermented lecithin from sunflowers. This source yields BCAAs that your body can absorb more easily than those from other sources.

It contains 3g of the optimum BCAA ratio (2:1:1). As such, it can help you preserve your muscle mass as a woman. This will make your high-intensity exercise sessions easier, as well as reduce soreness. And if your goal is to build muscle, this brand will help boost protein synthesis for you to achieve that.

The capsule of this brand is infused with prebiotics. This will boost your digestive health. More so, it does not contain artificial coloring or sweeteners. Not only is it all-natural, but it is also vegan-friendly.

2. Kaged Muscle BCAA Powder

Kaged Muscle BCAA is a scientifically advanced and highly pure formulation. This simple formula contains only 4 ingredients. 3 of these ingredients are BCAAs. And that’s not all. It is different from most other BCAAs because it is a fermented product.

This product, being fermented, makes your body able to digest and process it more easily. As such, you will be able to get greater benefits from them. The only other ingredient in this product aside from valine, isoleucine, and leucine is lecithin from sunflower. This prevents the mix from clumping.

3. Transparent-Labs BCAA plus Glutamine 

It isn’t too much if you want maximal benefits from your BCAAs. And this product makes that possible. In simple terms, “BCAA plus Glutamine” will give you everything your body needs. Not only that, but the sources and proportion are just right too. 

As much as 8 grams BCAAs are in each dose, with another 5g glutamine. More so, all of these are vegan-friendly. It would aid your recovery and reduce soreness.

4. Nutricost BCAA

This brand is very straightforward. It is also very simple too. The only 3 ingredients in this product are the 3 BCAAs. More so, the ratio it contains is optimal (2:1:1). If you want BCAAs without any frills, you have found the right choice with this brand.

5. PrettyFit BCAA 

From this name, you should be able to pick that it is packed with stimulants and can support fitness and weight loss. But then, it is also a very effective pre-workout BCAA for women. It contains a 2:1:1 BCAA optimal ratio. Leucine is twice the amount of valine and isoleucine.

Aside from the BCAAs, this brand includes a 3-way mix of glutamine combination, carnitine, and linoleic acid. With this mix, this brand will increase your expenditure of calories during workouts. Your physical performance will increase and your body will burn more fats.

6.  Optimum-Nutrition BCAA Caps

Some people don’t like how BCAA powders taste. If this is you, the best way to solve the issue is to go for Optimum Nutrition. The capsules are mega-sized with 500mg BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ratio. Aside from these BCAAs, it only contains magnesium stearate, gelatin, and cellulose. 

Gelatin might be a huge discouragement for vegetarians that are strict with their diet. And it will not give you mega-doses for its mega-size. But then, it may be the best capsule-based BCAA on the market.

7.  FitGirl RecovHer

This brand also uses the 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs. It also packs some small amounts of electrolytes with its BCAAs. It is very good as a pre-workout supplement because it also contains betaine. Betaine is a sugar beets derivative that may increase your power output.

More so, many BCAAs have astringent tastes. But then, FitGirl RecovHer contains bitter blockers that prevent such a taste. It is, therefore, a great choice if you often get awful tastes from BCAA supplements.

8. NLA-For-Her (Her Aminos)

This brand offers broad-spectrum amino acids in its mix. This includes all the 3 BCAAs for your body’s needs. It would enhance your performance and post-workout recovery.

NLA-For-Her also has other supplements to boost performance, including beta-alanine and Citrulline. If you do intense workouts or your sessions are high-powered, this product will help peak your performance and promote recovery.

BCAA Benefits

  • It can help you get stronger, lean-mass muscles
  • It also helps you recover better when you have done a tasking workout
  • BCAA supplements are very relevant for 3 areas mainly: immune function, workout performance, and workout recovery.
  • BCAAs also helps improve strength levels too
  • It can also help you achieve substantial weight loss

Now that you know the top branched-chain amino acids and the benefits you stand to get from them, what are you still waiting for? You should get one for yourself. But make sure to carry your doctor along.

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