Should You Take an Ornithine Supplement for Muscle Building?

Ornithine is truly helpful in muscle building. However, it is good to know that there also side effects that we should prevent.

Ornithine Muscle Building

One of the amino acids that are helpful when it comes to lessening the fatigue that we are feeling, ornithine is very popular to people who have active lifestyles as it lessens the levels of ammonia in our body that contributes to having chronic stress. This unique kind of amino acids is rarely seen in general supplements as unlike the others, ornithine will not become proteins when absorbed in our body. Instead of being a protein, ornithine plays an important role in balancing the levels of ammonia and urea in the body along with another nutrient called arginine.

Although ornithine can be obtained from some food sources, many people prefer ornithine supplements as there have been a lot of scientifically proven claims that these really offer a lot of health benefits to us. Among its effects is observed in boosting the health conditions and strength of our muscles. Ornithine muscle building is just one of its said benefits. Other helpful effects are better sleep quality and increased secretion of our growth hormones. To know more about this special amino acid, it will really help us to examine the different reasons why ornithine supplements are gaining popularity as well as the side effects associated with their intake.

Ornithine Supplements Intake Before Workout

Why are the supplements helpful when taken before workout? This is because ornithine is proven to be effective in converting itself into becoming L-citrulline. The process happens when the ornithine binds with carbamoyl phosphate or ammonia and results in the elimination of excess ammonia that causes fatigue in our musculoskeletal system.

Many medical studies claim that we experience fatigue during exercise as an elevated level of ammonia affects the oxygen in our brains and threatens the cells’ ability to produce enough energy needed by our body. When this situation occurs, fatigue will be felt as excess ammonia impairs the ability of our muscle tissues to function as expected. This is the same scenario when a person is diagnosed to be suffering from serious liver disorders as these illnesses are primarily caused by the build-up of ammonia in our body. With the facts stated, it is safe to conclude that ornithine does not directly act upon fatigue, but instead it addresses the real cause of our fatigue.

How Ornithine Supplements Affect Stress?

The health benefits of supplements are not just felt by our body, but instead, their effects are also visible in our emotions or feelings. This statement is supported by the results of a clinical study which focused on how ornithine supplements affect stress. Based on this research, ornithine is effective in cutting our cortisol level when 400-milligram dosage is taken on a daily basis. With this effect, researchers found that the mood of participants has greatly improved after alcohol intake. In addition to this, another study claimed that when we take ornithine, our anger can be decreased especially when we experience fatigue due to overwork.

Is Ornithine Muscle Building True?

We hear about the health benefits of ornithine mostly from the advertising and marketing campaigns of energy drinks or supplements for athletes. But the question remains is that if ornithine is truly and factually helpful with our efforts to further build up our muscles. The answer to our inquiry is found in a study published in Aquaculture Nutrition which tackled the impact of this amino acid on our musculoskeletal system.

Among the essential findings of the study is that ornithine is truly helpful when it comes to the development, recovery, and repair of our muscles. This is due to the fact that the amino acid is crucial to praline synthesis, which is super essential to protein biosynthesis. In another study, ornithine is also proven to be helpful to our body as it boosts the formation of our collagen which then enhances the functioning of our muscle cells.

Above all, it is also good to know that L-ornithine is beneficial when you are aiming to enhance your endurance and strength. Research in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness indicated that this supplement combined with arginine has helped participants obtain leaner body mass and recover faster from severe stress and fatigue caused by tissue deterioration.

How Much Ornithine Supplements Should We Take?

For those who are planning to take these supplements to support their active lifestyles and help them become fit, it is still important that we are guided with how much dosage is safe for us to take on a daily basis. By knowing this, we are ensured that we are safe from any side effects or health risks associated with the overuse or overdosage of ornithine supplements.

According to medical experts, L-ornithine should be taken on an empty stomach and before bedtime to experience its full effects and better support our aim of building and strengthening our muscles. In terms of the dosage, experts agree that the dose be limited to 500 milligrams at the minimum and two grams at the maximum every day. In addition to this, ornithine can also be taken along L-arginine if the goal is to replenish the energy lost during workouts or strenuous activities.

What Are the Side Effects of Ornithine Supplements?

Ornithine is truly helpful in muscle building. However, it is good to know that there also side effects that we should prevent. Among the risks associated with excessive and unmonitored use of ornithine are brain diseases due to hepatic encephalopathy. Ornithine is effective in lessening our ammonia levels, however, when taken with L-aspartate by mouth or intravenously, this could result in a contradicting effect. Meaning, the ammonia levels will spike up and will put a person at risk of having the liver disease.

Another impact of the wrong use of ornithine supplements is that it could cause diarrhea or serious intestinal pain to those who are sensitive to this amino acid. Because of these effects, we are highly encouraging you to seek the guidance of a medical expert or your family doctor before taking these supplements on a regular basis.

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