Lysine Pills: Are They Good For Your Acne?

So many people have come up with treatment options for acne. Both natural means and also by taking medications. One though that has proven to be effective is lysine pills for acne. With this so many people have been able to have that smooth face they desire.

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When it comes to the face we all have a lot to deal with. We all want our faces to look smooth, without wrinkles and giving that glow. But the sad thing is that things would always pop up on our faces, especially during the early years. And one of these things is acne. Acne is a very common skin condition that many people deal with. So many people try different things to remove acne from their faces. Some of these things work, while some don’t work one bit. Among the ones that work, we have lysine pills for acne. The truth is that the effect of lysine on acne is not well-known. And it’s also underrated. 

Acne happens to be the most common skin problem in the United States. It affects 85% of the population. And it mostly affects people between the age of 12-24. Acne is a condition wherein the hair follicles become clogged with either dead cells oil. It appears mostly on the face but could also appear in the chest, upper back, forehead, and also shoulders. Dealing with acne can be a serious one as it’s not easy getting rid of it. That’s why so many people have tried out so many creams and supplements. One that is surely effective is the lysine pill. We’ll have a look at how to treats acne later on. 

What is L-Lysine?

Lysine is one of the 20 amino acids that our body uses in making proteins. And the thing is that lysine is an essential amino acid. That means that the body can’t produce this amino acid. So you would have to get this amino acid from foods rich in protein or by taking supplements. Either way, the important thing is not having a lysine deficiency. A deficiency in this amino acid could lead to other medical conditions. 

Normally, lysine helps with the regular functioning of the body. And that’s because it’s a building block for protein. 

One major benefit of lysine that people have noticed is that it helps improve the appearance of the skin. It helps give that glow that you desire in your skin. At the same time, it does a great job of keeping the skin healthy. 

Over time, lysine was proven to be a great acne treatment. So if you want that outbreak of acne on your face to end, then you might want to consider using lysine pills. The good thing is that it generally works for the skin. So even with lysine, you would be able to get rid of blemishes, blackheads, and also pimples. 

Normally, an adult would need 38 mg of lysine per kilogram of body weight in a day. The recommended daily intake is also affected by age. If it’s for a child, then about 40-60 mg of lysine per kilogram of body weight would be needed in one day. 

Sources of Lysine

Well, indeed, lysine pills work amazingly well for acne. But the best source of amino acids is from foods. Generally, foods high in protein would most likely contain lysine. We have a list here of some good sources of lysine. 

  • Tuna
  • Pork 
  • Lean beef and lamb 
  • Parmesan cheese 
  • Pumpkin seeds 
  • Shrimps 
  • Eggs 

Well, you could get a good amount of lysine from these food sources. But if you feel the amount you would be getting wouldn’t be enough then you should opt for supplements. Supplements remain a great way of boosting your lysine levels. 

How Do Lysine Pills for Acne Work? 

So let’s get into how lysine would work for your acne. Lysine is very important for the formation of collagen. Normally, there are three amino acids involved in this. And they are glycine, proline, and also lysine. And lysine happens to be the smallest amount among these three. 

When you take in lysine from your food, lysine is absorbed. There’s an enzyme called lysyl hydroxylase that helps convert lysine to hydroxylysine. This process needs the help of vitamin C. That’s why a deficiency in vitamin C would lead to weak and flimsy skin. 

Right after that, hydroxylysine is then converted into allysines. This reaction happens with the help of lysyl oxidase. This step is very important because any problem in this step would hinder the production of collagen. So, are used to make collagen. At the same time, are used to make protein elastin. And this has a lot to do with the elasticity of the skin. 

So now we know that lysine is very important for the production of collagen. But here’s another thing. It also helps inhibit collagen-digesting enzymes. Some of these enzymes are cathepsin B and collagenase. And it does this by simply blocking their receptor site in the skin. 

The good thing is that it hinders the breakdown of collagen. And when that does not happen the skin remains stronger. So that way acne can be cured easily. That’s why so many acne patients have opted for lysine pills over the years. 

Side Effects and Interactions of Lysine Pills 

The side effects of l-lysine pills are not so common. But here’s a list of side effects that could be associated with use. 

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Renal failure 
  • Inflammation in the kidney 
  • Increased calcium reabsorption 

Well, this is not a full list of side effects that might occur. But if you notice that since you’ve been using the pills there’s something off you should see your doctor. It could be as a result of an allergic reaction or even drug interaction. 

Talking about drug interactions, don’t take lysine supplements with calcium supplements. Why? This is because lysine pills help increase calcium absorption. So if you take these two supplements together you can expect a very high increase in calcium level. And that can be dangerous for your health. 

That’s why before you take any step to consult your doctor. Your doctor would be able to tell if it would be safe to take lysine pills for acne. 

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