Is Lysine Safe During Pregnancy?

Is taking lysine during pregnancy safe? There isn’t enough data about its safety. If you are pregnant, it’s advised to avoid it just to be safe.

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Pregnancy is one delicate stage in a woman’s life. A pregnant woman has to be cautious of a whole lot of things. The doctors would advise her on the things she has to eat. The exercises would be good for her and the baby. And also some supplements and medications she would have to take. And one of these supplements is lysine. But so many people keep asking the question is lysine safe during pregnancy. Well, a few studies have been done and we have an answer to that. Just keep reading to find out what the answer is.

One of the major issues that come with pregnancy is birth defects. So many things can lead to birth defects. It could be as a result of a genetic problem. And it could be as a result of some drugs and supplements taken by the mother during pregnancy. Some drugs actually affect the development of some parts of the baby. That’s why a doctor prescribes some drugs that enhance the growth and development of the baby. While the doctor would strongly advise that you stay away from some certain drugs and supplements.

What is Lysine?

Among the 20 different amino acids that our body uses in making proteins lysine is one of them. And lysine happens to be one of the essential amino acids. This means that your body wouldn’t be able to make this amino acid. Because of that, you would have to get it from foods and supplements.

For normal growth and development, lysine is very important. At the same time, lysine is great for muscle turnover. It is used for the production of carnitine. And carnitine is one substance found in most cells in the body. Another good thing about lysine is that it helps transport fats across the cells. And with that fats can be burned for energy.

The form of lysine that can be utilized by the body is l-lysine. That’s why the supplement forms of lysine are l-lysine. Lysine actually offers a lot of health benefits. Talk of improving cold sores and reducing blood pressure lysine is an expert for these conditions. That’s why many people opt for lysine supplements.

But bear this in mind. The exact benefits of l-lysine have not been concluded. That’s why it’s not advisable to replace your regular drug with just lysine supplements. Use the drugs prescribed by your doctor and still take lysine supplements. And then again before you decide to start taking lysine supplements talk to your doctor. That’s because there are drug interactions. And this could interfere with the action of the drugs prescribed by your doctor.

Benefits of Lysine

Lysine has been found out to have so many health benefits. Which is why so many people opt for lysine supplements.

Treat cold sores

Cold sores are symptoms that we experience when there’s an infection. It’s usually accompanied with fever blisters. It usually appears on the corners of your mouth and also on your lips. It appears fluid-filled blisters and it causes discomfort. It would usually cause burning and tingling sensation.

Cold sores are actually caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1). Most times when the immune system is weak and you are stressed then you would most likely develop a cold sore. Lysine supplements also help prevent the replication and reduction of HSV-1. What lysine actually does is to prevent arginine. And arginine is another amino acid that HSV-1 needs to multiply.

Reduces anxiety

Lysine also plays a great role in reducing anxiety. It actually helps block receptors involved in stress. Also, research proved that lysine helps reduce the cortisol level of the body. And cortisol is a stress hormone. So with a reduced level of cortisol, you can expect that stress level would reduce as well.

Improve calcium absorption

Another great benefit of lysine is to help your body improve the absorption of calcium. And it also helps out with the retention of calcium. It does this by making absorption in your gut better. And also helps kidneys hold on to calcium.

Calcium is a very important component in the bones. So when there are better absorption and retention you would expect that your bones would be stronger. At the same time, calcium is also important for many reactions in the body. For instance, calcium is very important in the neuromuscular junction. And this is very important in the contraction of skeletal muscles.

Helps out with wound healing

Lysine also helps out with wound healing in the body. What lysine does is to move to the site of the wound and speed up the repair process of healing. Lysine is actually very important in the making of collagen. And collagen is a protein that supports and gives structure to the bones and also the skin. Another way lysine can help out is acting as a binding agent at the wound site. When it acts as a binding agent there would be an increase in the number of cells at the wound. And with that, there would be the formation of new blood vessels at that site.

Is Taking Lysine During Pregnancy Safe?

Not so many studies or research has been carried out on lysine supplements. But it’s assumed to be possibly safe for most people out there. As long as you take the required dosage for either the supplement or the topical cream.

One major concern of people using lysine supplements is if it’s safe to use during pregnancy. Well, there hasn’t been any research to prove that it is either safe or unsafe during pregnancy. But as mentioned earlier pregnancy is a very delicate stage. And extra caution must be taken during this stage.

Before you start taking lysine supplements while pregnant consult your doctor. That way you would be well-guided as to whether to use it or not. During breastfeeding as well ask your doctor before you make any move. That’s because it’s not known whether lysine passes through breast milk or not. But just to be on the safe side it’s advisable to avoid using lysine during pregnancy.

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