Boost Your Muscle Strength With L-Glutamine Rich Foods

One way to boost your muscle strength is by taking l-glutamine supplements. A better option though is taking l-glutamine-rich foods. You would be able to increase your capacity while exercising and doing other activities with this.

Cabbage rich in L-Glutamine

Muscle strength is very important to athletes. And even if you enjoy working out regularly then muscle strength is paramount. Muscle strength determines how well you would perform. With good muscle strength, you can expect to enjoy working out. Certain foods help improve muscle strength. And one of those is l-glutamine rich foods. With l-glutamine rich foods, you can be sure you would be able to increase your muscle strength.

Muscle strength refers to the amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximal effort. The size of your muscle fibers is associated with your muscle strength. So the bigger your muscles the more muscle strength you have. So many trains to increase muscle strength. Because the more you train the more your muscle strength. But there are also foods you can eat to help out with this. We will have a look at them as we go on. The truth is that with increased muscle strength performing daily activities would be a lot easier.

What is L-glutamine?

So glutamine is an amino acid. Among the 20 different amino acids that the body uses in making dietary protein glutamine is one of them. So glutamine is considered as one of the building blocks of protein. And it’s required by the body in large amounts.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood. It makes up about 30-35% of amino acid nitrogen in the blood. One thing though is that so many people don’t get enough glutamine from their food. And because of this l-glutamine is available as the supplement form.

So many people use glutamine in the supplement form. Especially at the gyms. This is because it helps out with muscle strength. It also has many other health benefits that will be looking at later.

L-Glutamine Rich Foods

  • Meat: Meat is a very rich source of protein. And most foods high in protein are also high in glutamine. Meat is known to be one of the richest sources of glutamine. Beef, chicken, or lamb would be a great source of glutamine.
  • Seafood: Seafood has always been known to be a great source of protein. Fish, of course, is a major source. So if you take salmon, river soles regularly then you’re getting just about the right amount of glutamine.
  • Nuts: Nuts are not excellent sources of protein. But they are fairly rich in protein. Consuming so many nuts all day isn’t that easy and it’s also not so healthy. So just talking about a handful of nuts twice or thrice a day would do. Some good nuts are peanuts, almonds, and also hazelnuts.
  • Milk: Milk has always been known to be a great source of protein. And taking it daily isn’t much of a big deal. Except if you are lactose intolerant. Anyway, milk is rich in glutamine. So if you take milk regularly you can be sure you aren’t glutamine deficient.
  • Cabbage: Taking vegetables has always been beneficial to our health. That’s why people are advised to take a lot of vegetables. And one of those is cabbage. Cabbage is great for improving your immunity. Especially red cabbage. And it’s also a great source of glutamine. Eating raw cabbage is more beneficial than cooking it. So consuming it in salads would be better. But either way, you would still get some glutamine from cabbage.
  • Eggs: Eggs have always been a great source of proteins. Eggs also contain vitamin B12 and also vitamin K. At the same time, you get selenium, glutamine, and vitamin D from an egg. So if you need more glutamine in your body eating eggs would be a great choice.
  • Beans: For vegetarians, this is a great source of protein. You can get enough glutamine from beans and nuts as a vegetarian. If you’re just recovering from illness both soybeans and kidney beans would be a great source of glutamine.
  • Protein drink: This is a great source of glutamine for athletes. This is why athletes take protein drinks and energy drinks before and after training or working out. Whey protein is a good source of protein. And it’s commonly found in protein drinks.

Benefits of L-Glutamine 

  • Prevent muscle breakdown: Skeletal muscles are the primary reservoir for glutamine. That’s why any deficiency of glutamine in the blood would lead to a reduction in muscle mass. And this is not a good thing if you have a goal of building muscle. So to help increase your muscle mass taking glutamine would be a great idea. And glutamine would also help prevent the breaking down of muscle.
  • Beat fatigue: When you train or exercise, normally, lactic acid would form in the muscle. And when this happens your muscle fatigue is next in line. The good thing is that glutamine helps out with reducing muscle fatigue.
  • Fight fat: Studies have shown that glutamine helps out with fighting fat. In a study, people that consumed glutamine after eating burned more fat. Glutamine was also found out to stimulate the secretion of insulin. Which means that glucose levels would reduce.
    Recover faster: After strenuous activities and exercises, your muscles would normally ache. And the thing is that it takes a long time for the muscle to recover. That of course is if you do not take necessary supplements. With l-glutamine supplements, you would be able to recover faster. And in no time you would be able to hit the gym.
  • Boost your health: As mentioned before, glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body. And the primary job of this amino acid is to provide fuel for the immune system. With this, your body would be able to safeguard the body against infections. Normally, when a person does strenuous activities and exercises the immune system becomes weaker. So a person must take glutamine to boost your health. And one way to accomplish this is by eating l-glutamine-rich foods.
L-Glutamine Rich Foods

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