What are the Benefits of Glutamine Powder and Is It Safe?

Glutamine powder is a byproduct of the amino acid glutamine. It serves as a supplement that can provide the body with lots of health benefits; including athletes, bodybuilders, and even normal people.

glutamine powder

Glutamine, a non-essential amino acid, is mostly known in the form of powder. This amino acid can be made by the body, but researchers have provided their studies on glutamine and how getting more than enough can benefit the body in many ways. This is how people started using glutamine powders for different reasons.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are made up of different variations which makes them perform many functions in the body. They can be classified into essential or non-essential, which describes each of them when it comes to their composition. Essential amino acids are those that the body cannot make by itself so it is dependent on the food we eat in order to get enough amounts of these amino acids.

On the other hand, non-essential amino acids are already made and processed by the body, thus it does not require extra amounts of these (though there are some non-essential amino acids that can provide additional benefits when they are consumed more than the required amount). However, it is required that the body contains all amino acids; including both essential and non-essential ones, in order to perform all necessary functions and to produce all the important proteins that the body needs.

What is Glutamine Powder?

Normally, the glutamine powder is a byproduct of the amino acid called glutamine. When it comes to this amino acid, scientists have been providing a lot of its benefits. Also, it is said that glutamine is very important since the body uses huge amounts of this amino acid compared to the others. Where is glutamine abundantly found in the body? In the bloodstream, where it is contributing a 30 to 35 percent portion of the amino acid nitrogen in the blood.

Another quality of the glutamine amino acid is that it is also considered as a conditionally essential amino acid, other than being a non-essential amino acid. What does it mean? It means the amino acid becomes essential once the person gets involved in diseases which are deemed to be critical, this situation suddenly affects the body’s production of the non-essential amino acid; so to make up for this, the person is asked to eat more food rich in the said amino acid or they can intake specific dosages of supplements. In actuality, there is about six conditionally essential amino acid; and glutamine is one of them.

Talking about supplements, where can we find glutamine? As previously mentioned, the most common form of glutamine is powder. This is how people are given additional glutamine most of the time, and the people without any medical conditions who consume glutamine powder are usually those that use protein powders; like bodybuilders, athletes, and the like. Glutamine powder is abundantly found in casein protein and whey protein.

Glutamine Powder as an Extra Boost

When it comes to diets rich in glutamine, there are actually lots of food containing the amino acid. However, according to specialists, not all people are getting the required amount of glutamine in their bodies. So, they are suggested to use glutamine supplements instead, such as glutamine powder. This is also why some medical doctors prescribe glutamine powder for their patients who are in need of an extra boost in their immune system in order to reduce the instances of getting other infections and diseases.

Now that we know how much the body gives importance to glutamine that it even needs additional amounts of it in most cases, how about we get to know the best things it can do for the body? Its benefits, perhaps?

Benefits of Glutamine Powder

As far as research and studies are concerned, the benefits of consuming glutamine powder continue to grow as they see its abundance of helpful and health-boosting properties. Here are some of the well-known benefits of glutamine powder:

The powder is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal issues

Irritable bowel syndrome? Ulcerative colitis? Leaky gut? No problem. If you encounter any of these gastrointestinal issues (and many more of them), you can start asking your doctor if you can use glutamine powder for it; they’ll probably say yes. After all, the glutamine is already proven to be effective and is also one of the vital nutrients that work in rebuilding and repairing any damage in the intestines. Thus, it is required to get certain amounts of this amino acid in your daily diet.

Glutamine for well-balanced brain health

When it comes to brain neurotransmitters, there are certain elements that are needed to always be in equilibrium to avoid the development of mental disorders. The brain is a complex organ, therefore even a single imbalance may cause the person to encounter problems. In this case, it is important to have enough glutamine for the glutamine-glutamate cycle to keep on working properly while avoiding the possible chances of getting brain problems like anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia as examples.

It can help in promoting muscle growth and avoiding muscle loss.

There is a reason why glutamine is an active ingredient in most protein powders and protein supplements, they are indeed a huge contributor to maintaining the healthy state of muscles. Take, for example, bodybuilders and athletes who are into very intense workouts which they really need in their profession, their bodies tend to become more stressed and the muscles and tendons will weaken afterward. In this case, glutamine from food is not enough to supply the body, so they consume their glutamine powders to power up their muscles and this way they can also avoid muscle loss.

Your athletic performance, strength, and endurance can be improved by glutamine.

Another reason why bodybuilders and athletes love glutamine powder; it boosts their performance, strength, and endurance. When they exercise, they lose almost 50 percent of glutamine in their bodies; which can cause problems on their resistance training. Once they get the lost glutamine back into their bodies, they will begin to recover little by little until they get their strength back. It also helps them have a better functioning and healthier immune system that is important for athletes and bodybuilders alike.

It can help burn some fat

Thanks to the hormonal activities triggered by additional glutamine, the metabolic rate of the body begin to boost and thus results to a better afterburn effect that is important in burning body fats and losing weight while the muscle mass becomes leaner and healthier.

All in all, the studies regarding glutamine powder have cited no negative effects on the human body so far. In fact, specialists are even encouraging people to either have three servings of glutamine-rich food daily or to consume glutamine supplements such as glutamine powder on a daily basis.

glutamine powder

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