What Does Creatine Do for Your Body?

Creatine may already be found in our bodies but you can boost its levels through supplements. But how does boosting creatine levels benefit you?


There is something that bodybuilders and most weightlifters have in common – the use of body supplements. One of the reasons why they use body supplements is because they want to improve their performance and activity in the gym. When it comes to these supplements, the creatine tops the list.

Creatine: The Number One Gym Supplement

This popularity of creatine is certainly based on a few studies conducted by researchers and specialists alike. According to them, it is effective in giving the muscles additional mass. The strength of the person and their agility improved too; thus resulting to better physical performance.

Also, this supplement is said to be beneficial for many other health conditions. Because of this reputation, it became a well-tested supplement around the world and almost all people tend to associate the creatine with safety.

However, not everyone is a fan of the supplement. There are some people who claim that it is really not safe to use these kinds of supplements, but these claims are still in need of proofs since no study has ever proven the danger of using creatine.

Creatine in Our Bodies

If you thought creatine can only be provided by supplements, maybe it’s about time that you get to know the nature of this substance. To put it simply, it is normal for the body to contain amounts of this substance; since it is already found in our muscle cells even when we were born. This just means that it is a natural substance. It functions in the body by supporting the muscles in its production of energy every time the body gets involved in intense physical activities like weight lifting and other extreme forms of exercise.

When the substance is made into supplements, it aids in the boosting of the already functioning creatine in the body. Imagine having double the amount of the substance in the body, this will give it more power than it had before. So for most bodybuilders, athletes, and gym-goers; this is the best way to maximize their physical exercise.

How Creatine Supplements Work

The way this substance works in the body is similar to amino acids. In fact, it is a product of the two essential amino acids known as the arginine and glycine.

When it comes to where the substance is found in the body, the majority of it is all over the muscles in our body; and that takes up about 95 percent of them. The remaining 5 percent can be found in other body organs like the brain, the kidneys, and the liver.

Want to know how the intake of the supplements exactly works? Well, the first form of the substance is called phosphocreatine; and this is responsible for being an energy source as it is stored in our cells. Then by the time it will be used by the body, it becomes a major helper in the production of very important molecules called ATP. This ATP is the body’s main source of energy, so the process of producing this molecule is really vital. Hence, when a person is into creatine supplement intake, they can say hello to more energy for better physical activities.

Benefits of Creatine And What it Does For The Body

Getting more creatine for the body will definitely boost a person’s energy and physical performance, but the benefits of the substance do not stop there. There are actually a lot more that it can provide for the body and most of them are related to the muscles in general.

However, here are some of the specifics regarding what the substance can do for our bodies:

It boosts the workload of an individual.

When you tend to get tired easily after a very intense workout, maybe it’s time to consider trying creatine supplements. After all, your body will completely be in a better condition once you stock up on more energy.

The cells perform better signaling

As you get additional amounts of the substance in your body, your cells become healthier too, and because of this, they get to perform their functions better. The specific function of cells that improve is their signaling process which is needed when they are about to repair or develop existing muscles.

Muscle cells become more hydrated

As the substance promotes the lifting of water content into the cells, those cells increase in volume. By this process, studies say that there is a possibility that it somehow results to the growth of muscles.

Lowers levels of myostatin

Myostatin, as a tissue-produced protein, can disrupt growth and development procedures in the body if it counts to over-excessive amounts. So, the creatine decreases the number of myostatin in the body; and then the growth of muscles gets an improvement.

The effect of creatine in muscle gain is exceptional

This is what the substance does best: promote muscle gain. So far, professional athletes and bodybuilders are the ones who took advantage of this benefit, but actually, anyone can obtain their desired muscle gain from creatine supplements. They are also capable of providing either short-term and long-term periods of muscle growth.

Even in a study where a group of adults around 50 years old were asked to consume supplements for a period of 14 weeks, the results were the outstanding increase in their muscle mass. Also, the adults felt much better with their additional leg strength; making them become more active than before.

Creatine supplements boost physical performance and strength

What else would you need for a better exercise routine? Strength. Also, the improved physical performance is enough to give professional athletes and weightlifters the boost they need to get the endurance and body build they are aiming for.

According to one study conducted, those who get their regular intake of creatine supplements have improved their exercise activities such as weightlifting and bench press. The people are able to experience a percentage increase of about 14% and 43% respectively. The strength of the individuals also increased by about 8%.

For other athletes who are into strength-based competitions; like weightlifters, their exercise routine improved by using the supplements for 28 days. As claimed by professional athletes, their bike sprinting performance increased by a percentage of 8%. And for their bench press increased by 6%.


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