Amino Blend Benefits

Amino acid supplements include amino blends. In fact, you can experience various amino blend benefits. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are one of the most common types of amino blends.

Amino Acid Blend Powder

Are you looking for a new amino acid supplement? If so, then one of the best options is amino blends. As the name suggests, this includes 2+ amino acids instead of one. Fun Fact: Scientists have found space rocks on Earth that contained amino acids. Amino acids are important for different body functions, including muscle building and repairing. Several amino blend benefits are based on the supplements providing multiple amino acids in a single product. This could include branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) with three or liquid aminos with over 7% of all amino acids in the human body.

A key issue is that different amino acids have different functions. They can provide different physical/mental benefits. Some can help build/repair muscle tissues while others can help with appetite control or mental focus. The key is to consume a wide range of aminos so you’ll be getting enough of each one. One way is to do amino acid-tracking, so you’ll know how much you’re consuming each one. However, it’s not easy to monitor how much of about 10 aminos you’re consuming. A more practical method is to boost your intake of different aminos. One of the easiest ways is to consume amino blends.

What Are Amino Blends?

As the name suggests, these are 2+ amino acids that are combined in one dietary supplement. There are different forms, including tablets/capsules and protein powders. The key feature though is that there are multiple amino acids among the total of 20 that exist in the human body.

Amino acids combine to form proteins. They’re known as the building blocks of the macronutrient. Proteins are important for different functions, they include muscle-building, sore muscles, mental focus, appetite control, and anti-anxiety.

There are 20 amino acids, and they all work together to help the body function properly. If you don’t get enough of this or that amino acid, it can harm how effective your body works. That includes both “essential” and “non-essential” amino acids.

In many cases, there’s just one amino acid found in a particular dietary supplement. For example, you could find a tablet/capsule that contains Leucine or another amino. These are quite popular because it’s like taking dietary supplements that include a particular Vitamin or Mineral.

This is one of the most convenient ways to boost your amino acids through a supplement. All you need is a tablet/capsule and a glass of water. It really couldn’t be easier to boost your intake of one amino.

Another option is to buy tablets or capsules with amino blends. This can include two or more aminos that work together to provide a certain feature. They include ones like muscle gains or energy boosts. Manufacturers develop these blends based on certain health benefits provided by particular aminos. For example, combining aminos A, B, and C can provide one result, while blending aminos X, Y, and Z can produce a different one.   

One particular blend that’s quite common among amino supplements is BCAAs. These are named based on the amino acids’ structure since they branch off to one side.

Top Amino Blend Benefits

1. Synergy

Like combining other nutrients you get more effective results when combining multiple amino acids. This is especially true when you want certain results. For example, you can blend different aminos to get results in muscle building, energy boosts, or workout recovery.

In many cases, researchers have done extensive studies to determine which amino blend is the most effective in certain situations. So different combos are put together to achieve a particular function.

2. Customization 

In many cases, the blend of certain aminos will help to provide certain benefits. For example, maybe you want to boost muscle mass or energy levels. In both cases, amino blends can help you achieve your goal. You can often can increased benefits from multiple aminos versus one.

One example is the reported benefits of BCAAs including building lean muscle mass. Studies show that combining these three similar aminos can have a better effect in this area than when taking an amino supplement with just one amino.

3. Savings

Since there are 9 EAAs it might be impractical to purchase several dietary supplements so you can get the benefits of each one. This can result in cost sky-rocketing because you have to buy multiple aminos. It’s simply cheaper when you can purchase one BCAA supplement or another with 2+ aminos in them.

This is a plus for overall savings. For example, if you purchased each of the three aminos in BCAA supplements it would be much higher versus BCAAs. That’s something most people will want to avoid regardless of their financial situation. Just taking three amino supplements is a lot tougher than taking one.  

4. Value

This is another key benefit of amino acid blends. You get the benefit of extra value since the supplement has 2+ aminos. You’ll be getting more value from multiple aminos, which helps to save money.

Top Possible Benefits of Amino Blend BCAAs

1. Muscle Mass

Some studies show that BCAAs might help to keep muscle mass when people have severe conditions. For example, a 2012 study review examined how several illnesses impact protein synthesis. This can result in different health issues related to muscle mass and body protein. The researchers concluded that a high-leucine diet can help people with serious diseases like cancer maintain muscle mass.

2. Muscle Gains

If you want to build lean muscle mass then you should consider taking BCAAs. The amino leucine triggers “protein synthesis” in the body, which results in muscle-building.

One study showed that taking BCAAs after weight-resistance workouts resulted in muscle protein synthesis that was 22% higher. This was compared to participants who took a fake drink.

3. Muscle Damage

A 2017 study review found that BCAA supplements might help to lower muscle damage that occurs during high-intensity workouts. The researchers pointed out that more research is needed. It’s not clear whether or not BCAA supplements can provide this benefit.

4. Muscle Soreness

Studies show that BCAAs can help to lower post-workout muscle soreness. Feeling sore 1-2 days following a workout often causes soreness. This is especially true if you’re exercising new muscle groups.

This type of soreness is known as DOMS and starts up to 24 hours after your workout. It can last for up to three days.

Studies show that BCAAs might help to reduce muscle damage. That could also lower how long/severe the DOMS is. Many studies show that BCAAs can reduce protein break-down throughout workouts. They also seem to lower reduce a particular sign of muscle damage.

5. Workout Performance

BCAA supplements could help to boost endurance and reduce fatigue. These are both key features that can result in better workouts. Various studies show that BCAAs seem to improve athletic performance as one of the amino blend benefits.

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