Do Amino Acids Help in Weight Loss?

Consistent physical training and dietary discipline can have a big impact on weight loss. You can support this journey by taking supplements such as amino acids.

Amino Acids For Weight Loss

Weight loss can be quite a hard nut to crack sometimes. You may have to try out lots of strategies before you find out what works for you. The strategy that worked for a friend may not work for you because each person’s body responds differently to these strategies. Some people look for methods that work like magic. But oftentimes, these methods are either unsafe or unhealthy. Most times, these quick-fix methods cannot even give sustainable weight loss. The safer route to weight loss is usually longer. It involves consistent physical training, as well as dietary discipline. However, you can support this journey by taking dietary supplements such as those for amino acids. In this article, we will talk about amino acids, amino acid weight loss, and every other thing that surround them.

Truth is, nothing good comes easy. If you are going to shed off excess weight, you must prepare yourself for the challenges you will face asking the way. These challenges would often necessitate that you get some sort of external help. One such external help is the use of supplemental amino acids. Taking supplemental aminos is one natural way to boost your body’s capacity to ward off unwanted weight. They do this by enhancing hormonal balance, as well as boosting metabolic activities. They also aid the removal of weight-gain junk like fats, bile, and toxins from the body.

A Brief Overview of Amino Acid Weight Loss

Before we begin to unravel the weight loss benefits of amino acids, we ought to give you a basic overview of what amino acids are. We should also give you an insight into how amino acids are relevant for weight loss. 

To put it simply, amino acids are not foreign to your body. Your body naturally contains and uses amino acids. So they are no strangers at all, neither are they pharmaceutical grade chemicals. They are just natural components of your body.

Your body needs all the different amino acids to function properly. Without them, a lot of things will go wrong in your body. For starters, they are the foundational blocks with which your body makes protein molecules.

Think of all the things that proteins do in your body. None of these would be possible without the presence of amino acids in adequate amounts. 

Indeed, amino acids are very essential in the human body. They have a major effect on your body’s metabolism. In plain terms, this means that they determine how your body conducts its basic processes. This mainly includes weight loss, energy release, and a host of other metabolic processes.

On a normal day, we are not supposed to consume amino acids directly. Nature’s way of supplying or amino acids is to eat protein-rich foods. The breakdown of these proteins yields amino acids in our bodies.

But then, if you are not obtaining as many aminos as your body needs from your meals, supplementation becomes necessary. So then, you can either obtain your aminos from diet or dietary supplements.

Once these aminos are available to your body, they begin to facilitate diverse body processes. One of these processes is the activation of fat-burning hormones. They also facilitate the protection and repair of your bones and other body tissues. This is very necessary when you are doing consistent workouts.

Weight-loss regimens generally affect muscle mass. However, amino acid supplements can help maintain your muscle mass. That way, your weight-loss program would be both safe and balanced.

Amino Acids and How They Support Weight-Loss

Amino acids can support your weight-loss journey in several ways. However, you must understand that each amino acid plays a unique role. And some aminos work together to deliver certain benefits. We are going to briefly examine how some amino acids contribute to weight loss.

Before we go through the list, we want you to understand that none of these aminos will work if you are not eating a well-balanced diet.

Here is the list:

1. Glutamine

Glutamine is great for boosting energy levels. It energizes your body to keep up with long gym sessions. Even if your gym sessions are hard-hitting, glutamine can help to keep your muscles strong. It can also help release as much energy as you need to keep going when you experience muscle stress.

2. Carnitine

Carnitine is not one of the 20 main aminos that your body uses. But it is a derivative of two of those aminos – Lysine and Methionine. Carnitine helps to prevent fat storage. It boosts fat metabolism, and as such, facilitates the elimination of fats from your body. 

Furthermore, carnitine facilitates muscle development and empowers androgen receptors. It also destroys adipocytes (fat cells) and helps repair bone and muscle tissues.

3. Arginine

Arginine produces nitric acid in large amounts. Nitric acid, in turn, opens up your blood vessels. This leads to general improvements in blood supply and oxidation throughout your body. With this, you can carry on your workout for longer than usual.

Arginine’s weight loss benefits can be summarized into three. They include prolonged endurance, enhanced energy, and better performance.

4. Methionine

Methionine also boosts fat metabolism. It ensures that your body burns every fat available in your body each day. It also cleanses and detoxifies fats and all harmful weight-gain toxins from your liver tissue.

5. Tyrosine and Phenylalanine

These two aminos work together to create active amines like dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These can stimulate the brain to facilitate weight loss. For instance, epinephrine can cut down your food appetite. By so doing, it enhances weight loss.

A Few Things to Note 

Amino acids can give some extra boost to your weight loss journey. But then, ensure to use them alongside disciplined eating and a workout regimen. You cannot achieve so much weight loss with amino acids alone.

Meanwhile, consult your doctor before you start taking any supplements whatsoever. Let your doctor evaluate whether or not the amino is safe for your use. Let your doctor also recommend the safe dose for you to use. Except you do this, you may not benefit optimally from amino acid weight loss supplements.

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