Amino Acids vs. Protein Powder

Amino acids and protein powder may sound like they have the same function, However, the actually have different results.

Amino Acids vs. Protein Powder

Often times, people confuse amino acids with protein powder. This is maybe because amino acids are known to be building blocks of protein.

Well in this article, we will be discussing the difference between the two.

Amino acids and protein powder may sound like they have the same functions but one thing is for sure – they have different results.

Protein powder is known to be an alternative food. This is because protein powder fill in the gaps in your diet. Aside from that, protein powders also contribute to your calorie intake at a daily basis. At the same time, they also boost up your total protein consumption. While amino acids on the other hand, target a specific area in your metabolism. Since there are different kind of amino acids, each is said to have its own specific function; for the brain, for muscle growth, for skin, for performance.

Despite the differences, both supplementation promote good health and that they both contribute to a much better physique.

Amino Acids vs. Protein Powder

If you try taking both supplements; protein powder and amino acid, they would still enter the bloodstream as one. Having said, cells in the body will collect the amino acids to come up with a new protein. This is why as mentioned above, amino acids are used as building blocks of protein. If you lack one of the required amino acid, no protein will be made. If we try to think of it, there are instances wherein the amount of protein becomes negotiable.

The amount of protein that one needs to consume in a day will depend on the training activity or the body goal. The same thing applies if the individual is suffering from any kind of illness. However, for amino acids, no such terms would apply. According to experts and research, be in any kind of incident, our body needs to be fed with a decent amount of amino acid for optimal health.

Benefits of Protein Powder

Protein powder helps complete your required daily protein intake. There are various sources of protein but some of the quality sources you can get protein are from milk-derived whey or casein, soy, or egg whites.

The said sources of protein also contain all of the essential amino acids that the body needs to get from food. With the help of protein, a bodybuilder can develop more muscles, an athlete can have his/her energy increased, and even a non-lifter can also make use of protein for his/her muscle development.

Apart from all the athletic benefits protein has, it can also make one lose weight. Amazing, isn’t it? Even though protein powders are associated with bodybuilding, there are protein powders that contain very low calories and zero carbs. If so, a limited or controlled consumption of the specific protein powder can contribute to weight loss. You just have to make sure that you are not exceeding the your daily calorie carb intake so the protein you consume will not be stored as fats.

Benefits of Amino Acids

As highlighted above, amino acids usually target specific areas of the metabolism. And since we’ve mentioned that regardless of the situation, one is required to consume a good amount of amino acid at a daily basis. Having said, it already gives us an impression that amino acids are really beneficial for the body.

Aside from amino acids contributing to the production of protein, they also contribute to a lot of health functions; from physical to psychological, amino acid plays a role. Depending on the kind of amino acid you consume, the benefit will differ from one amino acid to another. Furthermore, there are amino acids that serve as effective neurotransmitters to the brain which could help an individual combat insomnia, stress, fatigue, and depression. Some amino acids do not only help develop muscle growth and function but they also contribute to muscle repair. Aside from the said benefits, some amino acids can also increase performance of an individual which is as similar as protein.

Health Considerations and Precautions

Same with the other supplements, a little too much of the good thing isn’t really good. Researchers claim that too much protein or amino acid in the body can also lead to other negative health conditions. There are also cases wherein protein powders were said to cause breakouts on the skin.

However, lack or deficit on both could also be a bad thing. Our boy needs protein and amino acid in order for our system to function properly.

You must know by now that unlike organic sources, supplements could have side effects. According to research, amino acids could also trigger gastrointestinal problems and muscle cramps. They also claim that patients who have kidney and heart problems must avoid taking amino acid supplements.

The Conclusion

Taking amino acid supplements or protein powder is not a bad thing. You just have to make sure that you are taking the exact dosage and the right amount to avoid possible triggers that could lead to other health issues.

It is also important to know and understand how these supplements are to be consumed most especially if you are trying to attain a certain goal since wrong consumption of both could stall your diet and could result to weight gain or obesity.

To make sure you are not allergic with any of the supplementation, it is always best to seek advice from a fitness enthusiast or a medical expert so, at the same time, you would also have an idea on what results to expect and what to do if a side effect takes place.

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