Amino Acids for Women

Including amino acids in a woman’s diet is important – be it from food or supplements.

Amino Acids for Women

Are there amino acids for women? Amino acids are generally important to the human body. But boosting levels on some types of amino acids work wonders for female function.

Numerically speaking, there are 21 amino acids all in all that our body has to consume. However, 9 of them cannot be produced by the body naturally. This is why we need to get the 9 essential amino acids from the food that we eat.

Looking into fad diet articles and other health-related reviews, amino acids are always associated with muscle growth and development. Little did we know that amino acids also play an important role in a woman’s body.

Amino Acids for Women: How do they work?

One fast fact is that we all need amino acids – both men and women. However, there are some specific nutritional needs of a woman’s body that makes amino acids more beneficial for them.

BCAAs help women lose weight

BCAAs work for both genders – we already know that. However, some studies claim that BCAAs work best for women. One amazing quality of BCAAs is that it contributes to muscle growth. For women, BCAAs are also known to help prevent muscle breakdown.

Some women could also get really conscious with their weight. The problem is, not all women is a fan of consuming protein. Since protein contains BCAAs, it then equates to the importance protein can bring to a woman’s body. Experts suggest that women who have protein deficiency would have a hard time losing fats. Most especially in the lower abdomen area where women are most likely to store stubborn fats.

With a little help of BCAAs, women can now have a extra hand in getting rid of those stored fats.

Carnitine helps women in hormonal levels

Similar to BCAAs, Carnitine is best known for its fat-burning properties. But apart from the weight loss abilities of Carnitine, this type of amino acid is also perfect in reducing muscle fatigue and damage. It even helps the muscles and support muscle metabolism at the same time.

According to research, Carnitine is also very beneficial to menopausal women. This is because the said amino acid helps in weight management since women at their menopausal stage usually experience natural weight gain. Thanks to Carnitine, they can now maintain their good shape.

Another unique benefit for Carnitine for women is that it helps increase testosterone levels on women. Testosterone is known for its abilities in enhancing one’s energy. So with a decent amount of testosterone in women, they can expect increased and longer performance without them feeling tired that fast.

Lysine for women’s overall health

We use the term “overall health” since this specific amino acid serves as a building block for almost every tissue in the body.

Due to inevitable factors, women who continue to age would experience weakening of bones and even teeth and gum issues. Luckily, Lysine has a solution to that. Lysine is said to contribute in the absorption of calcium in the teeth and bones. Having said, Lysine is perfect in helping combat osteoporosis in women.

Lysine also deals with genital issues since this amino acid is said to be effective in reducing outbreaks due to herpes. It also combats cold sores on women who are dealing with herpes virus.

For athletic women, Lysine also plays an important part. This amino acid is good at producing muscle fibers and collagen that are helpful in keeping the knees and other tissues of the body to function properly. As a result, women who lives an active lifestyle won’t have to worry in keeping their career even if they age as long as they seek support from Lysine.

Arginine deals with women’s blood issues

When it comes to blood issues, Arginine makes it easy for women to deal with some of their concerns.

This amino acid helps regulate nitric oxide which is the one responsible in improving blood flow by helping expand the blood vessels. As a result, women most especially those who are already menopausal won’t have a hard time dealing with the symptoms.
This is because Arginine helps improve blood circulation by simply decreasing hot blood flushes.

Even women who are active can also benefit from Arginine. Not only that arginine helps in blood circulation, but it also promises to provide support in muscular strength. Arginine is known to help in resistance and it also provides a good “pump” for women during physical exercises.

The conclusion

Including amino acids in a woman’s diet is important – be it from food or supplements. Most especially that specific amino acids provide certain health benefits for them.

However, amino acid supplements may also have side effects to some. Most especially for women who have present health issues, it is important to seek advice first from a medical expert before trying out a supplement.

Usually, negative side effects take place if there are incidents due to wrong dosage or
consumption. To prevent this from happening, medical advice is always recommended.

Amino Acids for Women


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