Amino Acids for Hair Loss

If hair loss could be due to lack of protein or iron in your diet, you can try solving your problem and reverse hair loss with amino acids.

Amino Acids for Hair Loss

Due to various reasons, an individual loses almost 100 strands of hair every day. What’s to blame? Well, there could be a number of culprits; stress, sickness, hormonal levels, or nutrition deficiency.

However, if one keeps on losing hair for more than the expected amount of strands then one way to combat it is to include a little twist in the diet.

According to hair experts, excessive hair loss could be due to lack of protein or iron in your diet. If this is the case, then you can try solving your problem and reverse hair loss with amino acids.

Amino acids are known to be building blocks of protein. Having said, our hair is made up completely of protein. This is why lack or protein deficiency can surely affect the hair’s health.

Including amino acid in your diet to keep the hair healthy is not really much of a challenge. There are foods that you can consider as sources of amino acids. You may also check out some supplements that could provide you a decent amount of amino acid that you need.

To combat hair loss, you will be needing the top 5 amino acids that your hair will surely love.

5 Amino Acids for Hair Loss

1. Arginine

A well-known amino acid always recommended for hair loss is Arginine. This compound really does tricks and wonders in keeping one’s hair and scalp healthier than ever. Arginine is known to support the production of nitric oxide which plays a vital role for hair growth. Aside from that, arginine is also known to keep the immune system strong. Having said, it promises to keep the scalp less vulnerable to infections.

Another amazing use of arginine is that it dilates the hair follicles and helps improve its efficiency to better blood flow which makes it easier for the hair roots to receive the nutrients it needs.

With the help of arginine, it keeps the hair stronger than the usual to also help protect hair from losing strands due to emotional stress, diseases, and environmental factors.

How to get Arginine?

Our body is known to produce Arginine naturally. However, physical and emotional stress could lessen the amount of Arginine our body produces. To avoid deficiency, Arginine also comes in supplement forms and could also be taken from foods.

Foods you may include in your diet as sources of arginine are the following; turkey, pumpkin seeds, pork, and cheddar cheese.

2. Cysteine

Do you want a stronger and thicker hair? Then cysteine is the amino acid that you need. This compound is known to increase the sulfur in hair cells which also betters the health of hair follicles resulting to healthier hair.

Cysteine promises to provide you with the essential minerals needed for hair growth such as iron in zinc.

What makes cysteine a really good support for hair growth is that it also improves the efficiency of one’s vascular and circulatory system. This also improved the hair since it provides assistance in dilating tiny vessels that are responsible for feeding the hair follicles with the nutrients it needs.

Some of the ingredients you can add to your diet where you can get cysteine from are cottage and ricotta cheese, garlic, and brussel sprouts.

3. Methionine

Another amino acid that can help reverse hair loss is Methionine. The said compound promises to help get rid of the oil, fats, and sebum in the hair follicles which could be the reasons why hair growth is blocked.

Since another reason for hair loss is due to excessive testosterone in the body, methionine could be a good support to that. This type of amino acid blocks DHT – an active form of testosterone, making your scalp less vulnerable to hair loss.

Methionine is also good when it comes to providing the body a decent amount of collagen which results to keeping not only the body looking healthy but also keeps the scalp more youthful than ever.

You may get methionine from nuts, sesame seeds, and steak. There are also some supplements available that contain methionine.

4. Tyrosine

One strong point of Tyrosine in stopping hair loss is that it helps keep the metabolism and thyroid gland healthy. This is because when you have a weak metabolism and an infected thyroid gland, such incidents could lead to hair loss or hair thinning.

Aside from the benefits it gives for hair health, Tyrosine is also known for its uses in keeping an individual healthy. This is because this type of amino acid is known to help the body get rid of stress hormones such as DHT, testosterone, and cortisol that could be culprits of hair loss also.

Foods you can include in your diet as sources of tyrosine include chicken, turkey, lima beans, and soy milk.

5. Taurine

This amino acid works hand in hand with the cardiovascular system to make sure it is functioning well. This is because the cardiovascular system is the one responsible for providing important nutrients to the scalp such as magnesium and calcium.

Taurine also helps provide the body a good amount of sulfur responsible in keeping the hair strands stronger,

making sure they don’t have split ends or breakage.

Aside from Taurine being in a form of supplements, you may also get this amino acid from natural sources such as crabs, mackerel, chicken liver, and lambs.

The takeaway

Using amino acids to combat hair loss is not a bad idea. However, too much of a good thing could also lead to something else. If you will be considering supplements as sources of amino acids, it would be best to consult a doctor about the supplements you are planning to take.

For health’s sake, it is highly recommended to seek advice for the right dosage and consumption of the supplements in order to save one’s self from triggering other health conditions.

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