Amino Acids And Its Benefits in Anti-Aging

When you think of an efficient anti-aging product, what comes to your mind? Beautiful skin, shiny hair, firm nails, and so on, isn’t it? You may be surprised to find out that anti-aging amino acids can give you just that. Read on.

Amino Acid Anti Aging

When you think of an efficient anti-aging product, what comes to your mind? Beautiful skin, shiny hair, firm nails, and so on, isn’t it? Those are like the gold-standard symbols for natural beauty, young look, and optimum health. If you have these in old age, then you have been able to successfully delay the process of aging. It appears that the first place to notice whether aging is fast or slow is on your skin. It is the true reflection of what is going on inside your body. Any changes that occur inside your body as you age will reflect on your skin. In the same way, the positive effects of anti-aging amino acids can easily be seen on your skin.

Various amino acids come together in your body to form substances that help to combat aging. These substances act like repair treatments from inside out. Just the same way damage, due to infections, allergic reactions, poor circulation, etc. easily show on the skin. The repairs that are done by amino acids also show glaringly on the skin. Coarse spores, pale complexion, and sagginess, and the likes will all go away when you use amino acids for anti-aging treatment. There is more than enough scientific evidence to confirm that amino acids are indeed effective for anti-aging treatments. They would keep your skin firm and your hair healthy.

Anti-Aging Amino Acids

Healthy nutrition and a well-balanced diet are necessary for youthful looks. Everyone should know that by now. When there is an adequate supply of vital nutrients to your body, the process of aging is slowed down.

But most often than not, we eat a diet that is not balanced and/or unhealthy. What does this do to us? You could easily guess that it speeds up the process of aging.

For instance, caffeine for coffee, the nicotine from cigarettes, excess consumption of meat, etc. can cause hyperacidity in your body. Doesn’t this look like what we do daily?

The effect this has on your body is that it throws your acid-base composition off balance. When this happens, the tissues and cells of your body are prone to destruction. The only way to halt this process is to neutralize the acids.

Amino acids are very potent for neutralizing acidity in the body. That may, they make significant contributions to acid-base balance in the body. The sad thing, however, is that these amino acids become less and less available to our bodies as we grow older.

When your body is not getting as many amino acids as it needs, it begins to extract amino acids from places where it is stored in abundance. Examples of such places include the skin and muscles.

This is one of the reasons for the loss of elasticity in the skin and muscles as we age. It also leads to hair loss and the formation of wrinkles.

The amino acid, glutamine plays a very major role here. It is the most potent amino acid for acid-base balance. It helps to eliminate ammonia from your kidneys.

Ordinarily, bicarbonate is used to eliminate ammonia. But when glutamine steps into the picture, it preserves bicarbonate. That way, more bicarbonate is available to neutralize endogenous acids.

Benefits of Creatine for Anti-Aging

The role of creatine for healthy skin is very important. But creatine is a compound of amino acids. It consists of two amino acids, namely methionine and arginine. These amino acids come together in the body to produce creatine.

Creatine is a natural component of the body. Aside from its role in sustaining skin health, creatine also plays a vital role in the metabolism of energy for the cells of your body.

Let us give you an idea of how much creatine is present in your body. If your body weight is 70kg (that is, 11 stone) you will have about 120 grams of creatine in your body.

You will high concentrations of creatine in the cells and tissue where there is a high energy turnover. Examples include brain cells, muscles, and immune cells.

The skin is the largest organ in your body. And it surely needs lots of creatine for skin metabolism. Your skin needs creatine for it to function properly and efficiently.

Creatine ensures that there is an adequate supply of energy to the cells of your body. By so doing, it supports tissue regeneration, especially that of connective tissues. This is where it comes in as a potent anti-aging compound.

Cell division is the process by which tissue regeneration occurs in your body. But as you grow older, the process of cell division begins to slow down. This usually starts around the age of 40 and slows down even further as you grow older.

As such, the rate of cell renewal slows down, so that new cells are formed at a slower rate. Then, youthful looks begin to dwindle until it fades away completely. This happens because the rate at which old cells are dying is faster than the rate at which new cells are being formed.

All these can be changes when you get more creatine in your system. But then, your body needs the two amino acids methionine and arginine to make creatine. The more of them you have in your system, the more creatine it forms. And the more creatine in your body, the slower the process of aging will be.

Carnitine and Anti-Aging

Body fat usually increases as we grow older. That is why you may need more exercise to stay fit and in shape. Thankfully, carnitine can take care of the situation. It would help you control your weight better.

Carnitine is derived from the amino acid lysine. It improves fatty acid transportation to be burned off as fuel in the body. Many experts call it the “fat burner”. But then, if you are taking carnitine supplements, you should combine sports with it still.

There are indeed many ways that anti-aging amino acids can help slow down the aging process. You could get them from your food or take them through supplements to combat aging effectively.

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