Amino Acid Straightening For Hair— Do You Need It?

Do you need amino acid straightening? Possible hair issues include tangled hair. There are various ways to deal with the issue including high-protein haircare products that can smooth hair.

Healthy hair

Do you have problems with tangled hair? There are various causes of hair knots and they can be tough to deal with. You can find lots of options since the hair care market is worth over $89 billion (2017). It starts with knowing the various causes of tangled tresses, which can include styling tools, over-combing, and naturally curly hair. These are just some of the factors that can cause hair to get twisted up in a bird’s nest. Regardless of the cause of this condition, it’s important to deal with it as effectively as possible including hair care products. Failing to deal with the problem with amino acid straightening can cause hair damage. For example, if you comb, brush, or treat tangled hair it can make a bad situation worse and possibly cause hair loss.

There are various hair-straightening products on the market. They include a wide range of ingredients that companies claim can help to straighten things out. Amino acids and proteins are common ingredients for one main reason: Hair is about 90% protein. We often think of the use of protein to build muscles. However, protein can also benefit other body parts including skin, hair, and nails. For example, collagen proteins help to make the skin plump, while elastic proteins keep it stretchy.

What Makes Hair Tangled?

This is a common hair problem that people have. It’s something they might not notice until they start combing/brushing their locks. There are several causes of this situation. It’s important to know them so you can deal with them as effectively as possible.

Rubbing hair against various surfaces can cause hair to get wound up in a tangled mess. This can include items like pillowcases and towels. This makes it important to avoid rubbing your hair too harshly against surfaces like towels.  

One of the main causes of hair knots is damaged hair. When the cuticles don’t lie flat it presents the strands from being smooth. The loose strands become more likely to get wrapped around other hairs when they get released from the scalp. This results in tangles.

Different kinds of damage can cause this situation. They include bleached and sun-damaged hair. We often hair that UV rays can damage the skin. However, it turns out sun damage can also involve hair. So it’s critical to protect your hair as much as possible on hot summer days, for example.

Various hair types are more likely to experience tangles. They include long and curly hair. “Long” hair is defined as strands that are at least shoulder-length. Fun Fact: About 15% of people have curly hair while 40% have wavy hair. It’s not surprising that the waves/curls are more prone to knots.  

Another main cause of tangled hair is treated hair. This includes tools like curling irons. Another possible issue is various chemicals like alcohol in hairspray, gel, and mousse. Many of the products contain strong chemicals that can cause damaged/tangled hair.

Other factors might be surprising. For example, if you scratch or comb your hair too strongly it can cause the hair to get knotted up.

How Necessary Is Amino Acid Straightening?

There are various methods for straightening hair. They include products that contain amino acids. These are the building blocks of proteins. For example, when people consume protein the body breaks it down into peptides. Then those peptides get broken down into amino acids, which the body can absorb.

There are a total of 20 amino acids in the human body. The body produces 11 “non-essential” aminos (NEAAs), while we have to get 9 “essential” aminos (EAAs) from food and supplements.

What’s the deal with amino acid straightening? It starts with the structure of hair strands. Hair is about 90% protein, so your hair must get enough of it to maintain healthy hair.

Here are some of the key benefits of amino acid treatments:

No dos and don’ts

There are no dos and don’ts like many keratin straightening treatments. This involves issues like washing, coloring, and styling.

Naturally smooth hair

This is one of the main benefits of these treatments. The hair is straightened by adding aminos/proteins to the hair by sealing them in using a flat iron. The aminos are sealed in so you won’t have to worry about them escaping.

Meanwhile, other treatments involve harsh chemicals and high temperatures. They can help to smooth out hair but also cause damage due to both factors. When getting straighter hair you’ll certainly want to avoid more damaged hair at the same time.

Hair and Eco friendly

More specifically, the treatments don’t your hair won’t be exposed to cancer-causing substances and strong fumes. The treatments don’t require high heat, which can result in hair damage.

This differs from similar treatments that cause fumes/carcinogens. These results can cause various problems with the customer and the environment. For example, strong gases can get into people’s eyes and noses. These substances can cause various problems for the customer and the people around them.

Hot Tips to Prevent Hair Knots

Comb regularly 

Make sure to swap out hard brushes since they can be tough on your hairdo. Instead, use a comb or brush with soft bristles. This will help to remove tangles without causing too much abrasion. That, in turn, can help to prevent damage when you’re combing/brushing.

While combing/brushing is important to make sure not to overdo it. That can also cause damage that you’ll want to avoid.

Leave conditions in 

Even if you’re not doing deep conditioning, you should let the conditioner stay in a few minutes and do its thing. It is an important step for detangling sprays also. You’ll get the best results if you leave either of them for a few minutes.

Towel lightly 

You might even want to air-dry your hair for friction-free drying. However, if you’re going to dry your hair with a towel make sure to pat-dry your strands instead of rubbing strongly. This can help to prevent tangles and hair damage.

You should consider wringing out most of the water before a towel touches your hair. The make sure to pay-dry instead of rubbing to get the best results.

Slow Down 

Besides focusing on how you comb/brush your hair you should also be mindful of how fast it’s done. If you have long hair then the process of brushing/combing might seem to take forever. However, make sure to take your time. If you keep tugging on your hair then you’ll likely end up with more knots.  

Shampoo gently

Make sure to use shampooing techniques that reduce the risk of hair knots. They include washing with your palms instead of your fingertips. This will put less pressure on your locks and help to prevent them from getting knotted up. This method produces less friction and can help prevent the need for amino acid straightening.

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