Amino Acids for Heart Failure

What is the role of amino acid in heart failure? Learn how amino acids impact heart health in this article.

Amino Acid in Heart Failure

A medical condition wherein the blood is not pumped by the heart muscle, heart failure or the congestive heart failure happens when high blood pressure or narrowed heart arteries have weakened the heart causing it to inefficiently perform its functions. Heart failure can be acute or chronic. Among its symptoms are dyspnea or breath shortness, weakness or fatigue, edema in the feet, ankles, and legs, irregular or rapid heartbeat as well as wheezing. Others include fluid retention, nausea, decreased alertness, lack of appetite and severe chest pain.

What are the usual causes of heart failure? Heart failure can be due to different medical conditions or illnesses that made the heart stiff or weak. These are the coronary artery diseases, heart attack, hypertension, faulty heart valves, and cardiomyopathy. Patients who were also diagnosed with congenital heart failure myocarditis, congenital heart defects, heart arrhythmias, and hyperthyroidism are prone to having heart failure.

In addition to the causes, there are factors that contribute to the risks of having heart failures such as diabetes and sleep apnea. The frequent use of some medications such as rosiglitazone for diabetes as well as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also put patients at risk to this disease. Other risk factors are valvular heart disease, alcohol use, viruses, tobacco use, and obesity.

The pain does not stop with being diagnosed with having congestive heart failure. It has complications that patients need to prevent to save themselves from further health troubles. Among its life-threatening complications are kidney failure and kidney damage. When heart failure happens, the blood that flows to the kidney is reduced, causing a patient to have a kidney failure when not treated. Aside from this, liver damage, heart rhythm problems, and heart valve troubles are also its known complications.

To save people from this illness there are some preventive measures that he or she should take such as not smoking, having a healthy weight and managing stress. In addition, diabetes and blood pressure also need to be controlled. Above all, some clinical studies show that eating superfoods that are rich in amino acids can prevent a person from having congestive heart failure. Here are the other important facts that you should know about the relations of amino acids with heart failure.

Amino Acid in Heart Failure

What is the role of amino acid in heart failure? A recent research conducted by a team of medical experts in the University of East Anglia found that those who include food containing high amino acids have lesser chances of experiencing arterial stiffness and having high blood pressure than the people who don’t have amino acids in their daily diet.

Another important finding of this specific study is the strong benefit that we can get from amino acids especially when it comes to preventing the development of heart failure. According to researchers, eating foods that are rich in amino acids give the same effect as including exercise and active lifestyle in your daily routine.

Another study from TwinsUK proved the previously mentioned research to be true. The second research claimed that the participants whose amino acid intake is the highest were found to have the lowest chances of having stiffness in the arteries and high blood pressure. In addition to these findings, the study also indicated that the participants who got their amino acids from lean animal meat were found to have low chances of experiencing arterial stiffness. On the other hand, getting amino acids from vegetables and fruits were found to have a low chance of getting a high blood pressure.

Superfoods to Prevent Heart Failure

As the findings of the TwinsUK research claim that lean animal meat amino acids and vegetable/fruit amino acids have different beneficial results, here are some good sources of amino acid in heart failure depending on the results that you want to get.

For vegans or vegetarians who are eager to improve their cardiovascular health can always try legumes, seeds, and nuts as these are rich in the amino acids that are important to have the proteins that our body needs. Moreover, combining these vegetables with amaranth, quinoa, and other psuedograins as well as oats and whole grains will give better results when it comes to filling your body with amino acids to strengthen your heart.

On the other hand, for those who prefer lean meats as the source of their proteins should always go for seafood and fatty fish. Individuals who prefer dairy foods can also try yogurt, milk, and cheese as these are also good sources of amino acids that are needed to prevent congestive heart failure.

Ways to Include Amino Acids in Daily Diet

With the research supporting claims of the role played by amino acid in heart failure, it is necessary to include foods containing these in your daily diet. Below is a quick guide on how to easily ensure that you have a regular intake of proteins:

  1. If you are not a fan of fruits and vegetables, then have a vegetable dish in your diet even for just once a week.
  2. Include whole grains and oats in your breakfast. To boost the nutrition that you get from plant-based amino acid sources, it is helpful to add mushrooms, spinach or even baked beans in your morning meal.
  3. To stay fit and remain healthy, it is helpful to remove half of the meat in your dishes and replace them with kidney beans, nuts or even lentils.
  4. For those who enjoy eating salad, then you will surely have a good time eating a three bean salad. Similar to your garden salad, this meal is composed of red onions, flat leaf parsley, tomatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans, and garbanzo beans.
  5. Another way of adding protein to your weekly diet is by including tofu in your meals. One way of adding in tofu is by preparing a stir seafood or lean meat with tofu.
  6. If you love fish fillet or steak, then you can enjoy these fantastic and mouthwatering dishes with green leafy vegetables and borlotti beans on the side.
  7. Lastly, eating mashed potatoes served with a salad of chickpeas and lettuce will surely seal the deal of boosting you with amino acids.

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