5 Healthy Benefits of Amino Acids

Amino acids have a variety of health benefits that one needs to look out for.

Health Benefits of Amino Acids

You might’ve heard or read about amino acids somewhere. In the gym, health-related articles, or could’ve heard it by word of mouth from bodybuilders.

Scientifically speaking, amino acid alongside with protein really does help in muscle building. The amino acids that we feed our body help form the building blocks of protein. Thus, we get to build muscles.

Although associated with bodybuilding or muscle buildups, an amino acid also has its own variety of health benefits that one needs to look out for.

Some of the common benefits of amino acid that we can hear when you ask someone about it are the following; mood stabilizers, muscle recovery, and muscle buildup.

However, amino acid still has a lot in store for you. Check out the more detailed benefits of amino acids below.

1. Amino acid makes up the muscles

According to the study, aging people are most likely to lose muscle mass. Regardless if you exercise regularly, aging is a huge factor of muscle mass loss. Luckily due to innovation, there are branched-chain amino acids that could help you combat this muscle loss. Amino acids or BCAAs such as leucine, valine, and isoleucine could effectively give you the benefit you’re looking for. Most especially leucine, several reviews claim that this type of amino acid is too friendly even for seniors. And when it comes to aging issues, leucine is believed to even be more effective in seniors.

2. Amino acid lifts up the mood

Another amazing benefit of amino acid is that it helps to boost up one’s mood. This is because amino acid, L-tryptophan, and 5-hydroxytryptophan help form the building blocks serotonin which is an essential substance in combating signs of anxiety and depression. Some studies even claim that such supplements could also be friendly in people diagnosed with mental health conditions since they could be an aid to insomnia.

3. Amino acid combats stress

Always having a tough day at work or school? Amino acid could give you a hand with that. The amino acid gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA is considered a neurotransmitter that gives the individual a more relaxed feeling. Apart from that, GABA is also known for its ability to promote or increase mental focus.

Another contribution of amino acid in combating stress is with the help of theanine – a type of amino acid found in high-quality green tea that is known to boost brain function and concentration. It also has its positive effects in boosting the brain’s alpha waves which are powerful in decreasing possible episodes of anxiety.

Depending on one’s goal, it is important to know the right dosage when taking up amino acid. However, experts say theanine and GABA could also go together.

4. Amino Acid strengthens the immune system

Aside from muscle building, Amino Acid can also help you keep your immune system strong. One of the amazing forms of amino acid which is NAC or N-acetylcysteine plays an important role in providing your body with a decent amount of glutathione. Since glutathione is considered as the body’s principal antioxidant, NAC could help lower chances of you catching flu or any other kind of illness. NAC has also been believed to be effective in strengthening lung function and at the same time, give your body liver detoxification.

5. Amino Acid regulates blood vessels

Amino acid also contains L-arginine – a compound that functions as a precursor of nitric oxide. As a result, it’s effective in helping regulate the blood vessels properly making them flexible enough. Since increased flexibility has a positive impact in cardiovascular, this type of amino acid is long believed to be good at lowering blood pressure as well.

However, the health benefits don’t just stop there. Research claims that arginine is beneficial for both men and women most especially for sexual purposes. Arginine is also said effective in increasing blood flow in a woman’s vagina.

Where can I get amino acid?

Amino Acid supplements are too easy to find. What you only need to do is visit some websites that sell supplements or rather check out any supplement shop near you.

Since amino acid has already been tested and proven, it is safe to say that you may consider using it too not just for muscle buildups, but also for the health benefit it could provide you.

Just keep in mind that supplements are to be taken with the right dosage so you won’t have to suffer unwanted side effects in the long run. Better yet do some research first with the proper consumption of your chosen brand or ask an expert or a friend regarding your queries.

Benefits of amino acids

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